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AI number recognising: My deeper learning process in AI programming. Trying to figure out captcha numbers with Python, Numpy and Matplotlib.

7_segment_svg_captcha: An example how an easy captcha can be created without fancy libraries and complex code.

Maze: Generates an ASCII maze and finds a way out starting in the middle.

16 Segment Font: A font made of lines.

AI_learning: My way into AI programming. Just started.

Distillation: An interactive introduction in distillation and separation processes.

MOS 6502: Solving a differential equation with assembly and Woz's floating point routines.

3D Plotting: A CGI program who creates 3D plots of math functions in SVG, JS canvas and PBM.

Pythonstudio: Membership software for gyms and clubs written in Python with Bottle web framework.

Realtime CLI Plotting: Real time plotting of an differential equation with keyboard interaction (Linux and DOS).

Game of Life: Conway's Game of Life programmed in assembly for DOS with NASM.

Verfahrenstechnik: Scripte zur Auslegung von Rektifikation- und Extraktionskolonnen.

Zustandsregelung: Simulation der Regelung einer schwebenden Kugel.

Waermeleitungsgleichung: Loesung einer partiellen Differentialgleichung Schritt fuer Schritt erklaehrt.

Bachelorthesis: Bachelorarbeit über den Vergleich von partiellen Differentialgleichungen, analytisch und numerisch gelöst. And more...

Traveling in Australia/New Zealand 2018

January: Byron Bay, Yamba, Waterfall Way

March: Sydney countryside

April: Croajingolong National Park, Nethercote Falls, car fail

End of April: Melbourne and horses

New Zealand in May: Buying a van in Auckland, Waiheke Island, getting money and breakup with Anna

Traveling in Australia 2017/2018

April - June: Buying a car, volunteering and small roadtrip

July - August: Alice Springs, Uluru, Kings Canyon and car accident

August - September: East coast trip to Brisbane and car problems

October - December: Long term volunteering, Sunshine Coast, Nimbin and falling in love


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